American Day School
Serving Childen Ages 2 Months to 5 years old

Our TODDLER I and TODDLER II students are eager, energetic learners. For that reason, your child’s schedule becomes more structured and includes daily Spanish lessons as well as a Music and Movement class once a week.

One of the goals of the TODDLER I classroom is to teach the children about sharing, taking turns, and respecting their classmates. We work in developing their fine motor skills with the use of play-doh, lots o scribbling and coloring. We help the children develop their gross motor skills in the playground by running, climbing, and jumping. We help with the development of their vocabulary by constantly naming objects, and reading books. We start working with numbers, colors, animals, and sounds. We help them with the vocalization of their first words. We work with our TODDLER I students to encourage their growing need for independence by teaching them to use a spoon and drink from regular cups.

In the TODDLER II classroom, we start working with your child on potty training. Your child will also be eligible to start taking Power Tots classes (gymnastics) offered once a week. In the TODDLER II classroom, we will continue working with your child on learning about taking turns and sharing, as well as teach him/her to adapt to the rules of the classroom. We work on their fine motor skills by introducing the use of child-safe scissors, working with puzzles, turning pages, scribbling, and we help them learn to button/unbutton. We work with your child to teach him/her to use words to express emotions. We help our TODDLER II students develop 2-3 word sentences, repeat words and phrases and continue increasing their vocabulary. During circle time, we practice the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week, and weather.

In both the TODDLER I and TODDLER II classrooms, you will receive a daily report indicating information on your child’s mealtimes, diapering, and the activities your child did that day. We strive to get our TODDLER II ready to successfully start their preschool years.