American Day School
Serving Childen Ages 2 Months to 5 years old

In order to start in our preschool program, your child must be at least 2 years of age by September 30th.

Our children start in the preschool program the first full week of September. While we open the admission process to new families, priority is given to students from the ADS Toddler II classroom.

During the first year in the preschool program, we work on the children’s fine motor skills with lots of cutting, coloring and tracing. We work on counting and we help the children learn to recognize their names. We continue to encourage their independence by teaching them to put their plates away after eating, putting on their coats by themselves, and we will continue assisting the children with potty training if needed. We encourage them to use their words to show their emotions and to continue keeping a good relationship with their peers and adults through group activities, positive role modeling, constant interaction and sharing. We wok on developing their cognitive skills through activities in sorting, classifying, manipulatives, and puzzles. We work on their hand/eye coordination by tossing and catching, and we work on their language skills through reading, songs, story telling, fingerplay and repeating rhymes.

Our curriculum for the second year of preschool revolves around weekly themes where children are introduced to hand-on activities and have fun while learning Math, Social Studies, Music and Science. Fine motor skills, numbers, letters, colors and shapes recognition are practiced while working with manipulative activities, along with arts and crafts that follow the weekly theme. During our daily circle time, children participate in activities such as: listening to stories, singing, dancing and “show and tell”. Free play at centers provides children with the opportunity to practice social skills, learn and have fun. Block center, dress-up, housekeeping, library, computer, art center, sensory and play dough table are a few examples. Children are encouraged to follow directions, choose their own activities, respond and ask questions, help around the classroom, be kind to each other, and to be independent.

In addition, a bi-weekly Science class and a weekly Spanish lesson with Language Stars are added to our curriculum for Preschool II students and they continue in Pre-K.

The 3rd and final year of the Preschool Program is our Pre-K class. In this class we work with your child to get him/her fully prepared for kindergarten. We focus on social studies, science, math, language arts and music & movement. While we still provide a lot of hands-on activities such as drawing, coloring, painting, cutting and working with dough, most of the work in the classroom is targeted to develop the children’s math and writing skills and get the children fully prepared for kindergarten.