American Day School
Serving Childen Ages 2 Months to 5 years old

Each baby is to be cherished, and our youngest children are cared for in an environment that is especially responsive to individual needs. At American Day School, our infant classrooms offer an array of bright, stimulating equipment alongside a soothing restful area, which provides a rich environment for babies to safely explore the wonderful new world around them. We provide our babies with opportunities to enjoy, explore, and learn by touching, hearing, seeing, and grasping many exciting new concepts.

We respond to each baby with kind words, warm smiles, lots of cuddling and holding, and gentle touches to assure each child that they are safe, secure, and special. We stimulate our babies’ visual skills using colorful objects and books. When the time comes, we work on the motor skills by helping our babies learn to sit without support, pull themselves up, crawl and eventually cruise.

At the end of the day, we provide you with a detailed account of your child's daily schedule and activities, including meal and nap times, tummy-time, diapering, and activities practiced during the day, all carefully documented for your review.